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100 New Trinkets

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Update 22/03/2017: Trinkets is now a Silver Bestseller on DM’s Guild. Thanks to everybody who’s bought a copy!]


One of my favourite parts of the new Player’s Handbook is the section devoted to trinkets. I’ve always loved to fill dungeons with loot that veers away from a simple pile of gold and gems or collections of weapons, and I decided to try my hand at building my own list of trinkets.

Use these however you like. They’re designed to provide potential plot hooks should they be found while players are adventuring, or else to help develop a character’s background during character creation. Some are just fun little references to pop culture and movies (I know that isn’t for everyone, but my players really enjoy that kind of thing), and others are just weird things that I thought would be cool.

Credit goes to Reddit user the_singular_anyone for providing the basic page layout and background texture.

Available from DMs Guild for $0.99.

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