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1d10 Adventure Ideas

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I’m in the process of putting together a couple of new D&D games, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what campaigns I want to run. As part of my process when I try to settle on a large campaign theme or concept, I always think up a few adventures that I might want to run that would fit within those campaigns.

As a result of that, I write a lot of adventure hooks. And today, I’m offering you ten of them. Enjoy.

1d10 Adventure Hooks

1d10 Adventure Hooks
1. Shortly after finding a strange mirror that only reflected objects, not people, the party encounter mirror versions of themselves who ask for help in defeating the Shadow Behind The Glass.
2. A man has kept the body of his dead wife hidden in a secret room for years, desperately trying to return her to life. Now he has succeeded, and the result is horrifying. He begs the party to deal with what he has created.
3. After a flamboyant bard passed through a week ago, a town has been struck by a weird curse: nobody can stop dancing, and people are beginning to starve to death or go mad from lack of sleep. The party must find a way to break the enchantment before they succumb to it themselves.
4. A magical explosion tears a hole into the quasielemental plane of dust. As a storm of dust pours across the countryside and mephits and rust monsters spread chaos and destruction, the party must find a way to seal the tear.
5. A meteorite crashes in a nearby field, plunging through the earth and coming to rest  mile underground. Now weird, twisted horrors are emerging from the tunnel it left behind. Did they come with the meteorite, or did its passage simply open a passage to one of the dark places below the ground?
6. All the water in this small town has mysteriously frozen overnight, and an enchanted frost is spreading out across all the buildings. As people begin to succumb to the freeze, the party must find a way to reverse the grip of this deadly false winter.
7. An explosion in the mercantile quarter reveals the existence of an ancient forgotten tomb beneath the streets of the city. There is treasure to be had down there, and probably monsters to slay, but more explosions continue to rock the streets as civic unrest grows. What is more important – becoming rich, or saving the city from itself?
8. A long-trusted contact acts the party for help smuggling some casks of an exotic, illegal liquor into the city in time for an extravagant party thrown by a member of the ruling class. When the liquor turns out to be poison and key members of the government begin to die, the party are identified as the smugglers and are hunted by law enforcement.
9. Overnight, a tall twisted tower on a floating island appeared above the city. Nobody has come or gone from it since it materialised, and nobody has any idea who is up there or what they might want.
10. Over the course of hundreds of years, the city’s rivers and canals have been used to make more than a few bodies conveniently disappear. Now a period of drought has arrived, and the waters are lower than they have ever been. As the silty base of the waterways begins to be revealed, those bodies are once more uncovered. Now disease and blight is spreading in the city, and – worse still – the bodies are beginning to crawl and bite.

If you want more adventure ideas – or, specifically, if you want the tools to generate over 20,000 of the things – don’t forget to check out my rumour generator Strange Tidings on DMs Guild. And, as always, if you end up using any of these ideas I’d love to hear about it!

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