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1d10 Bardic Trinkets

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10 College of Cadence Trinkets

The College of Cadence, by Matt Sanders and Cody Faulk, is out now on DriveThruRPG, and I’m really excited about it.

You all know Matt’s work by now – I worked with him on Jungle Goodies and we recently re-released his Trinkets line – but you might not know Cody Faulk. Cody has taken a step back from writing D&D material over the past couple of years, but he’s responsible for some of the best player options on the DMs Guild. He’s probably most well known for his Alchemist class, but all his work is great and you should definitely check it out (especially as it’s all free). It’s an honour to be publishing his first work back after his break.

I’m obviously biased, but when I read what Matt & Cody had created I absolutely fell in love. It ties into Shadepoint brilliantly, and I immediately wanted to build a Cadence bard of my own. They’ve also done a great job of making sure that this archetype can be used in non-Shadepoint games.

Since I didn’t contribute to the writing I obviously felt left out, so today I’m giving you a table of trinkets to go with the College of Cadence. If you like the look of these, be sure to check out the College of Cadence when it launches tomorrow!

1d10 Trinket
1 This shabby, oft-folded piece of parchment holds a piece of music penned by hand. It was given to you by someone important to you, and you have held dear to it ever since.
2 This small hand drum is surprisingly heavy. The shell is made from black onyx, and the skin is a weird grey leather-like material. The tone it produces when struck is flat and not particularly loud above ground, but beneath the earth it booms like a crack of thunder.
3 This brooch is shaped like a miner’s pick. It is hollow and contains a thin reed that produces a high, clear sound when you blow through the opening in the base of the shaft.
4 This heavy, lacquered sheet of parchment is rolled tight and protected by a harrow tube of red onyx. It is a certificate from the College of Cadence itself, stamped with the Glasswind family seal and indicating that the bearer has graduated from the college with the highest honours. Only you know whether it is real or not.
5 This miniature copy of Songs of Flickering Firelight is about two inches tall by an inch wide, and barely half an inch thick. The pages are of the finest paper, and the writing can only be read with the aid of a magnifying glass. It is mounted onto a short chain, with a larger loop at the end to aid in attaching it to a belt or a set of keys.
6 This thick, oddly-proportioned book contains musical notation unlike any you have seen before. You believe it to be a form of ancient Dwarven, but so far nobody has been able to accurately translate it into a playable form.
7 This worn hand-bill is from your first headline show. Your name is spelled incorrectly on it.
8 This years-old poster contains a poorly-drawn charcoal rendering of an horrific monster of unknown origin, and the promise of a reward for entering the mines and slaying it. How you came about it, and whether you ever fought the monster, is your tale to tell.
9 This dog-eared notebook contains scribblings in your own personal code, and details meetings and conversations that you have overheard during your career. Powerful people might well pay dearly for the contents of your journal – but they might also kill to keep them secret.
10 This high-quality sheet of parchment contains a letter from a noble of a distant land, inviting you to visit their court and perform. It addresses you and your companions by name, and the words change to reflect the current composition of your group.


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