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1d10 Books

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Books and scrolls make for great loot beyond the standards of spellbooks, grimoires, and spell scrolls. Interesting books can provide story to a dungeon or adventure, help build your world, or provide plot hooks that your players might take up in the future. There’s no need for the libraries of your world to be full of nameless, identical tomes apart from that one special book that is obviously treasure; think of Death’s library in the Discworld novels, where each book tells the story of a living person and writes itself in real time, Harry Potter‘s Restricted Section, or the animated magic of Pagemaster.

With that in mind, today I give you 10 interesting tomes that you can stock your game with.

1d10 Tomes
1 Iron pages bound with chains. The book contains details of rituals for summoning specific fairies.
2 Crumbling paper pages bound with the hide of a long-dead animal. The book is a bestiary full of illustrations of strange, unfamiliar creatures.
3 A wooden box carved with ancient runes. It contains loose pages, each covered in fine script, with no indication as to which order they should be read in.
4 The history of a nomadic people, carved into the skulls of mammoths and stored in a bone chest.
5 A book of pressed flowers, bound in stitched-together fairy wings.
6 A tapestry depicting an ancient conflict, stored rolled-up in an orante, six-foot-long scroll case.
7 A book of folk songs found in a city sunk beneath the waves. The pages have been treated with a strange wax.
8 A book sized for a doll’s house. Each page contains one hand-written sigil that changes every time you look at it.
9 Smoke perpetually rises from the pages of this book, which is bound in a black leather that shimmers like oil
10 An enormous, three-foot-high leatherbound tome. Its insides are hollowed out, and contain an identical (but smaller book). It’s books all the way down.


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