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1d10 Jungle Locations

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After working on two big projects almost back to back (that’d be Bulette Storm and Breaker of Chains) I decided to take it easy for a couple of weeks before launching into the next adventure release. It’s also approaching my 1 year anniversary on DMs Guild, so I’ve decided to revisit the Trinkets products and produce something to tie into Tomb of Annihilation.

This is a small excerpt from a bigger product I’m calling either Jungle Goodies or The Treasures of Chult. I’ll have more information about it a little closer to release time (as it still isn’t fully written yet).

In the meantime, enjoy this small table of adventure locations that you should easily be able to slip into a Chultan (or Chult-esque) campaign.

If you’re a $5 tier patron you’ve already seen this, since it’s an excerpt from the upcoming Treasures of Chult. This will be going live on Loot The Room tomorrow at 11am. It’s nice to be back on schedule, even if it’s only for a couple of days!
1. This ancient shrine was constructed inside the vast shell of a long-dead Dragon Turtle. Those who worship here believe that their prayers will one day return the Dragon Turtle to life, and that they will ride it across the waves to conquer the new world that lies there.
2. This small walled town was the first outpost of the colony here, but it now lies in ruins. The bones of the people who died here have been laid out in strange geometric patterns around the base of the broken palisade wall.
3. This enormous set of wooden gates in the middle of the jungle stand 40 feet high and 20 feet wide. Carvings in the wood have been worn smooth by time, but they appear to represent an enormous hominoid skull.
4. This dig site is slowly unearthing an ancient temple dedicated to a long forgotten god. Excavation has been halted ever since a worker accidentally broke through a section of wall into the temple, releasing a cloud of fungal spores that dissolved the flesh of anybody caught in them.
5. This round valley nestled deep in the jungle appears to be where triceratops come to die. The ground is strewn with the bones of their dead, layer upon layer of the, dating back centuries.
6. This blasted crater has a huge 20’ cube of mithril embedded in the centre of it. Its surface is carved with ancient dwarven runes that indicate that it can be opened, though nobody has yet discovered how.
7. This smooth black road is actually dried lava from a centuries-old eruption. The road winds down the side of the volcano and through the jungle before stopping abruptly.
8. This dank grotto deep in the swamp is filled with phosphorescent fungi that cover the ground and walls. Rumours say the caves beyond the grotto are populated by sentient fungus-folk.
9. Ths small lake shines like a beacon. The lakebed has been coated in silver, though the purpose of this has been forgotten.
10. This section of the jungle is known as the Hanging Gardens. It is filled with carnivorous plants whose creepers descend around the throats on unwary explorers and hoist them high into the canopy, to be deposited into the waiting receptacle pods once they have asphyxiated. 

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