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1d20 Wild Magic Surges

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The Wild Magic Surge table for Sorcerors (PHB page 103) can be the source of some hilarious unintended side effects, as well as potentially powerful/crippling consequences depending on the circumstances. But it’s limited, and eventually you start to see the same results repeating themselves.

In order to breathe some freshness back into your game, I present you with another 20 random Wild Magic Surge results.

1d20 Wild Magic Surges
1d20 Result
1 Your clothing is suddenly clean and well-mended.
2 Once before the end of your next turn, you can cast ray of frost as a bonus action.
3 A spray of colored light explodes from your hand, with no effect.
4 For the next hour, you hear a bell ring any time another creature comes within 10 feet of you.
5 For the next hour your body is engulfed in harmless flames that give off bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for a further 20 feet.
6 You are encased within a shimmering field of light. The next attack against you is at disadvantage.
7 You suddenly know the direction and distance to the next tavern, and the name of a person you must meet there.
8 Your hand withers and turns black. The next creature you touch suffers 1d10 points of necrotic damage.
9 Tendrils of dark energy erupt from your body, striking every creature within 15 feet of you and dealing 1d10 points of necrotic damage.
10 For the next hour, you smell like burning wood.
11 The area of your spell is doubled for this turn. If the spell does not have an area effect, roll again.
12 Your spells deal the maximum possible damage for the next minute, but you also take half damage from each spell you cast.
13 You are ringed in faerie fire for the next 10 minutes.
14 A harmless tunderclap rumbles through the air around you.
15 Any food you are carrying withers to ash.
16 For the rest of the day, a whispering voice in your head announces the time every hour.
17 For the next ten minutes you are able to communicate only through mime.
18 You heal 1d10 points of damage.
19 You forget the names of your companions.
20 You gain a flash of insight, and have advantage on Wisdom checks and saving throws for the next ten minutes.


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