#MapMonday 1

You may be looking at the title of this post and thinking “Huh?”

I’ve been posting maps on a Monday for a year or so now, so the ‘1’ at the end of the title doesn’t make a huge amount of sense. Allow me to explain.

Last week, Elven Tower suggested on Twitter that we start the hashtag #mapmonday, which would do exactly what it says on the tin. I have no idea how many people are planning to take part in the initial Map Monday – which is today – but I’m hoping we’ll see some great new maps, and that this can grow to become something to look forward to every week,

If you want to get involved, simply post a map of your own creation to Twitter on a Monday, and use the hashtag #mapmonday. There are no prompts or restrictions or anything like that – dungeon maps, town maps, ships, cities, continents, galaxies, map whatever the hell you want. I’ll be following the hashtag and retweeting things, and I’ve started a Twitter list of the people taking part, too.

So, welcome to the inaugural #mapmonday. Here’s my map.