Best of DMs Guild – July 2017

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Welcome to July’s DMs Guild roundup! Every month I gather together some of the best new releases from the DMs Guild. You won’t find many bestsellers here; the huge amount of new content appearing daily means that lots of great work slips through the cracks. It’s my aim to shed some light on those undiscovered gems, and to give you some fun new things to use in your games that you might not otherwise be aware of.

(With that said, I would be remiss not to at least mention the Tome of Adventures that was released earlier this month. It contains 12 adventures by some of the DMs Guild’s bestselling writers – including M.T. Black and Jeff Stevens – and is sitting tight at #3 in the DMs Guild chart. It’s already a Silver bestseller, and worth your attention. Similarly, Marc Altfuldisch’s Monsters of the Orient is a massive monster manual that has reached the top spot almost immediately upon release and hasn’t moved since.)

This month I’m changing the format of this post very slightly. Many writers on DMs Guild – myself included – make use of Pay What You Want. Personally I’m a huge fan of this model when it works, but there’s no disputing the fact that PWYW titles make very little money for their creators on DMs Guild. I talk about this a lot on Twitter, so in the interests of transparency I’m now going to include the price I paid for every title I include on this list. Since I have limited space to review the titles listed here – a byproduct of the plugin I’m using to display them – I’m going to list put that information first. Think of it as a quick reference guide for everything included this month.


Title Price (Suggested Price if PWYW) What I Paid
The Chapel on the Cliffs $3.74* —– $4.99**
The Totemist PWYW $4.99 $5.95
The Minotaur’s Bargain $2.95 —– $2.95**
Secrets of the Scaled Ones: Serpentine Spells $1.50 —– $1.50
Old School Hacks 2: Player Roles $2 —– $4.99***
Gith Handbook PWYW $0.99 $1.95
Journey to Chult PWYW $1 $1.95
Chult Peninsula Map $4.99 —– $4.99
Goblindependence Day PWYW $0.50 $1.50
Fist Weapons PWYW $0.99 $1.95
Finders Keepers $3.95 —– $3.95**
Bags of Flavour: Trinkets $1.50* —– $2.00
Alchemists Fold-Up Minis PWYW $0.00 $0.99

* This title is currently on sale for a reduced price.

** I received a complimentary copy of this title, but paid for it after deciding to include it in the Best Of.

*** This title was listed at a higher price when I bought it. The author reached out to offer me a refund for the difference, but I declined. It’s well worth the price I paid!

As an added bonus this month, DriveThruRPG are currently having their XMas In July sale. There’s a lot of fantastic things on offer, and I wanted to bring some of them to your attention while the sale is still on.

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