Best of DMs Guild – May

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This month was a really good on for the DMs Guild. A hugh number of really high-quality products was released, average prices seem to have begun to rise, and the variety of new products on offer has been astonishing. Paring down this month’s list has been very difficult; I read over 100 products since the beginning of May, and my shortlist of releases to include on this roundup had well over 30 items on it.

I’ve been brutal, and reduced it to just the things that really jumped out at me – the products that I fell in love with immediately, or that I found myself thinking about after I’d moved on to looking at something else. I’ve also limited it (for the most part) to products that haven’t been hugely successful, since that’s the reason I started doing these lists in the first place.

The result of that decision is that there were a few things I really liked that I didn’t end up featuring on the main list, simply because they’ve already done so well for themselves. They still deserve a mention, though – with that said, I’d encourage you to go and check out Tobia Beis’ Critter Compendium ($15), Emirikol’s Guide To Devils by Sean McGovern ($15), Leonaru’s Zakharan Bestiary ($6.99), and Glen Cooper’s Ultimate Fantasy Collection ($9.95).

And now, on to the list itself!

The Best of DMs Guild – May 2017

Complimentary Copies

The authors of the following titles were kind enough to send me copies for free. This month I was sent around 40 titles to look at; these were the best of the bunch.

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