Best of DMs Guild – November

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Only a small one this month, I’m afraid – I’ve been too busy with life stuff to spend much time looking over the new stuff on DM’s Guild. There were still a few things that caught my eye, though, so here they are!

Monster Weapons by Lucas Romo


Plenty of the monsters in the Monster Manual use weapons not found in the Player’s Handbook. (My personal favourites are the sticky shields and pincer staffs wielded by Kua-Toa). It’s fairly common that players will want to take these weapons. Romo has helpfully gone through the Monster Manual, Princes of The Apocalypse, Curse of Strahd, and Volo’s Guide To Monsters, and pulled together the various weapons that appear there. Print this out, slip it into your Player’s Handbook next to the equipment list, and you’ll never be caught short again. Available under Pay What You Want.

Way Of The Drunken Fist Tradition for Monks by Tom Miner


A classic monk tradition, updated to 5th edition. It’s short and sweet, and there are some nice thematic abilities – I particularly like the abilities related to the character being prone. There isn’t really much more to say about this – it’s a nice, balanced monk tradition that taps in to a really classic trope, and I’m pretty sure a lot of monk players would love to have this option available to them. Another Pay What You Want title.

Arcanatech – Spell Bombs by Arcana Games


A nice collection of really thematic magical items. They remind me a lot of the potions thrown by Darkest Dungeon‘s Plague Doctor or the flasks used by the Alchemist in Massive Chalice. There’s nothing game-breaking in here – they mostly replicate the effects of low-level spells – and it’s nice to have something potion-like to award to players that might actually get used outside of very specific circumstances (Potion of Longevity, I’m looking at you). Also Pay What You Want.

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