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Best of the DMs Guild – April & May 2018

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Welcome to the DMs Guild roundup! I took some time off, but now I’m back and bringing you my picks from the new releases in April and May. (You can find out a little more about the break I just took here).

In these posts I gather together some of the best new releases from the DMs Guild. You won’t find many bestsellers here; the huge amount of new content appearing daily means that lots of great work slips through the cracks. It’s my aim to shed some light on those undiscovered gems, and to give you some fun new things to use in your games that you might not otherwise be aware of.

Before we get started, I have an Honourable Mention this month – Chaotic Evil Compilation #1 by Rafael Martins. I didn’t include this in the main lineup, because it’s a pair of adventures (well, an adventure and a quarter of an adventure, since the second half is a preview of a separate work) and I haven’t had a chance to run either of them. The main thing that drew me to this, and that made me want to bring some attention to it, is the the layout. I loved reading through this, partially because of the landscape orientation (which I’m really glad to see more people embracing), but also because the faux-real-magazine style of presentation is executed brilliantly and really made me feel like I was flicking through an old (albeit short) issue of Dungeon.

Now, on to the goods!

<tdTrailblazers of the North

Title Author Price Suggested Price (if PWYW) What I Paid
Honor & Devotions David Adams and OAP $14.95 —– $14.95*
Interesting Items of Questionable Quality Vol. 2 B.A. Simon $1.00 —– $1.00
Last Stand – A Worthy Death Dave Panfilo PWYW $1.00 $1.00
Let Sleeping Guards Lie Alex Clippinger FREE FREE FREE
Magicka Serrella – A Book of Magic R P Davis $2.95 —– $2.95
Manual of Masks Rodney Sloan $1.25 —– $1.25
Sanctum Spells Christopher Dornan PWYW $1.99 $1.99
The Hag’s Hexes Tim Bannock et al $6.95 —– $6.95*
Troy Taylor $3.99 —– $3.99
Zombie Wizards of Greesly Keep Henry Bardwell $1.99 —– $1.99

* I received a complimentary copy of this product, but paid for it after reviewing it.

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