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BLOG – Bestsellers and mini adventures

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Earlier this week, Trinkets became a Silver Bestseller on DMs Guild. That’s something of a milestone in my career (for lack of a better word) as an RPG writer, and it means a lot to me that enough people like my work to have made it possible. I’ve still got a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but this kind of thing is incredibly encouraging to me. It also makes me sad that I can’t devote more time to this currently, because I love creating these maps and adventures and weird little tables and it’s all I want to do all day every day. But, obviously, I have other responsibilities that take time away from this, as we all do.

I know that content on this site has been spotty recently, with late updates over the past few weeks. I’m currently deep into a research project for my MA course; I’m giving a presentation on the progress of my research this coming Wednesday, and the majority of my energy is going into preparing for that. That’s the reason there’s no Friday Fight Night post this week (and I’m very lucky that my timing worked out with that; I don’t feel as bad about it as I would otherwise do, because we reached a nice climactic stopping point in the last post). Things should be back to normal next week.

Along with Trinkets hitting Silver, The Wheelhouse and Strange Tidings are both within a few sales each of becoming Copper Bestsellers. I have a big content update for The Wheelhouse planned that I’ll talk more about in a few weeks (and when that comes out it will stop being PWYW, so if you haven’t got a copy yet you should do it now while you can still get it for free!) that will hopefully push it over the edge. And as for Strange Tidings? Well, today I updated it.

I had a lot of fun writing my One Page Dungeon Contest entry, so I decided to roll up a random rumour using the tables in Strange Tidings and create another one based on the result. The rumour I generated was this:

A dwarven caravan is arriving tomorrow with something of great power only found in the desert.

That was nicely serendipitous, because I’ve been working on desert-themed stuff for my home game recently, but I still drew something of a blank. So, like any good DM, I asked for help on Twitter, and got a ton of suggestions as to interesting magic items that could come out of the sands. Lots of them were awesome and creative and original, and I definitely plan to stat them up at some point, but I didn’t have time to write a mini-adventure and build a new magic item that wasn’t horribly overpowered (and I didn’t want to have to make a statblock for an item fit onto one page), so I went with a suggestion that would simply require me to link to the item’s entry on D&D Beyond. That item was the scarab of protectionand I have @AtomicStraw to thank for the suggestion.

So, if you’ve already bought Strange Tidings, head over to its DMs Guild page and download the update. And if you haven’t already bought it? Well, I’d be very grateful if you did. It’s only $0.95, and you instantly become super awesome when you buy a copy.

2 thoughts on “BLOG – Bestsellers and mini adventures

  1. Congratulations! How many is needed for silver? I thought 100, but my book is past that and it still shows copper. So 150? Anyway – good job!

    1. It’s roughly 100, but I’m not sure exactly. This one hit 104 before it got Silver. If you’re selling on DriveThru RPG as well as DMs Guild that can affect it (although I don’t believe I listed this on DTRPG – I could be wrong though!). They all need to be paid sales as well, so if you’ve got your product listed as Pay What You Want none of the free downloads will count.

      Either way, 100 is great. Congratulations to you too!

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