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I realise I’ve once again fallen behind on updating this site. In my defence, this time it’s not because I simply got lazy. I started a Masters course in September, and this week just gone contained my first assignment deadlines. The workload on the MA has been enormous, and it’s meant that basically everything besides studying and going to work has had to take a back seat. That includes Loot The Room, unfortunately.

My first assignments are out of the way now, though, so while I’ve got a little time before the next batch I’m going to focus on building up a lot of content for this site and working on some DM’s Guild books. (I actually just finished working on an encounter for a DM’s Guild collection that I was asked to contribute to. I’ll talk more about that when I can.)

One of the reasons I started this site was because I love drawing maps. I realise that I haven’t actually done much of that since I started up LtR, and I figured producing a lot of maps would be something I could do quickly to build up a backlog of content. The only problem was coming up with different things to map out!

Luckily, in my hunt for ideas I stumbled across Miska Fredman’s Mapvember challenge. It’s similar to Inktober – where people produce an ink drawing a day for a month – but, obviously, geared towards maps. Here are the prompts Miska suggests:


There are some great ideas here (I have no idea what I’m going to draw for Revelation or Infection, but that’s half the fun) and I’m looking forward to drawing them all. From Monday I’ll be posting one a day here, but I intend to draw them more quickly than that – at least initially, while I get caught up. If you want to see them a bit sooner than that, then head over to Twitter and follow me there.

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