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BONUS POST 1d12 Dungeon Rooms

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Yesterday’s map hasn’t appeared yet, and I wanted to update you on why (and when to expect it), but I’m trying to avoid posting general announcement/blog posts wherever possible. I want everything on this site to be useful in some way or another. With that in mind, I’ve put together this 1d12 table of dungeon rooms for you as a bonus post to tide you over.

If you’re a patron or you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know why the map is late: I decided to write up the city of Shadepoint to go with the new map, and it turned into a 22 page PDF. It’s a 20mb file, and if I host it here and more than about 30 people try to download it I’ll run into issues with my servers. With that in mind I decided to upload it to DriveThruRPG – but there’s an approval process that I wasn’t aware of (or had forgotten about, I suppose) that means it could be up to a week before it becomes available for download.

So, in the meantime, here are some room descriptions for you to use! The 12th one was written by one of my patrons, Whipstache. He’s also been helping me with a lot of the backend stuff on the site. If you’re in need of slick design work, web design, or maps, you’d do well to check him out!


1d12 This room…
1 …has writing on the wall in chalk. It is smeared as though someone has tried to rub it out. The words are in Common, and say “Safety is a lie”.
2 …has a deep gouge down the centre of the paved floor. It looks like something heavy was dragged across the room, though there is no evidence of it here now.
3 …holds a wide well in the southeast corner. There is no water in the well, but a crude rope ladder descends into the darkness. From far below you can hear the thud and scrape of a pick against rock.
4 …is coated in sheets of thick black slime that seem to ooze out of the surface of the rock itself. The air smells of fungus and mould, and the temperature is a few degrees warmer than the corridor outside.
5 …has a huge iron cage against the western wall. The door of the cage is held shut with several lengths of thick chain that has rusted tight over several years. The skeletal remains of a gnoll lie in the corner of the cage, along with a dusty glass bottle that still holds a few drops of viscous red liquid.
6 …holds a vicious spike trap that descends from the ceiling, but it has already triggered. The mechanism hangs in the centre of the room, the tips of the spikes just scraping the floor. The edges are jagged and rusty, and something humanoid and very, very dead appears trapped beneath the trap.
7 …is a corridor so long that you can’t make out the far end. It is lined with cracked obsidian pillars, each carved with a figure that appears to be running towards the end of the hall.
8 …is completely covered in mirrors set at odd angles, so that you can never see your own reflection but see multiple versions of anybody else in the room with you. Once the door closes it is incredibly difficult to find again. If there is another exit, you will need to hunt for it.
9 …is a wide, deep basin that was once an arena of some kind. Three incredibly lifelike statues stand in the centre of the battle ground, frozen in place as though caught in the midst of a fight against some massive enemy that is no longer present.
10 …small chamber is barely more than a walk-in cupboard. The walls are painted with vibrant colours depicting disembodied eyes and mouths. A strange silver helmet is suspended from the ceiling by chains. It hums softly to itself, and vibrates gently when the door is closed.
11 …is choked with corpses that appear far too fresh for comfort. The air is thick with the smell of death and the tang of blood, and an unsettling squelching noise accompanies each of your steps. All of the corpses are naked, and there is no sign of whatever weapon caused the deep gashes across their bodies.
12 …appears to have no second half. About twenty feet into the room everything just ceases to exist. The floor, walls, and ceiling are replaced with an inky void, but you can’t tell if the blackness is the absence or the presence of… something.


If you just can’t wait for Shadepoint, consider becoming a patron for $1. Patrons can download the PDF immediately through Patreon.

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