3 new traps!


  A 20-page sampler featuring the best maps and posts from Loot The Room’s first 6 months, as well as excerpts from my bestselling DMs Guild Titles.

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 StrangeTidingsCover  Generate over 20,000 rumours and plot hooks!

$0.95 at DM’s Guild.

 wheelhousecover0125x  A new location to drop in to your campaign.

  • 10 new NPCs
  • 4 magic items
  • 3 poster-sized maps
  • 15+ adventure hooks
  • ideas for further adventures

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Pay What You Want at DM’s Guild.

 trinketscover 100 new trinkets for your game. 

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6 new character backgrounds and 2 variants:

  • Doomsayer
  • Executioner (with Poisoner variant)
  • Feral
  • Fiendtouched
  • Mortician
  • Smuggler (with Agitator variant)

DM’s Guild: Pay What You Want. A Copper Bestseller!

  A collaboration between myself and 8 other DM’s Guild authors, masterminded by Jeff C Stevens.

  • 24 encounters ready to drop in to your game
  • New monsters
  • New magic items
  • Hand-drawn maps

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