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Dungeon Map – The Kua-Toa Caverns

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The Kua-Toa Caverns

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This week I found myself having to run a game two nights in a row. We’ve only just begun our campaign, and one player couldn’t make it to the first session. She also didn’t have a character yet, and had never played the game before, so I thought it best to get her over for a semi-solo mission (my girlfriend, who is also in the group, agreed to play a one-off character to accompany the new player on her first quest) in order to go through character development, teach her how to play, and get her levelled up.

It also had the added bonus of allowing me to develop some more of the world (both based on what happened in the game and the character she ended up creating) and to thread some plot elements in to the ongoing campaign that will be introduced naturally by another player, not through me in the shape of an NPC or a fudged Insight check that leads to inappropriate exposition.

So, with very little prep I sketched out a rough map and populated it – with Kua-Toa, because they’re hideous and I’e always felt like they don’t get used enough. Obviously with two level 1 characters going up against them I had to scale them back in difficulty, but it allowed me to introduce them to the campaign very early on so that I can have some fun with them when the PCs are more able to face them – deep in the Underdark, at full power, rather than weakened and starving on the surface.

If you like the look of the map, please feel free to download the higher-resolution versions. I’ve provided colour and black-and-white options, with and without grids, and a brief overview of how I used each room in the dungeon for this very specific encounter. Of course, you’re free to do whatever you want with it – and if you do use the map, I’d love to hear from you about it in the comments.

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