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Friday Fight Night – Giant Castle Map 1

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Part of the reason this map is late is simply because it’s so big. Giants in D&D aren’t the giants of fairy tales, but my players don’t know that and – since they weren’t actually going to be fighting a giant in this adventure – I decided to build a dungeon more to the scale of the castle at the top of the beanstalk than the ones in Storm King’s Thunder, for example.

I’ve only included the causeway and the reverse gravity hallway from this week’s Friday Fight Night here, because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to post. The round chamber where the party fought the spectators and the library where they ran from the stirges will be included in next week’s post, and I’ll do my best to keep the map current with the journal as the party explores this place over the next couple of weeks.

With that in mind, here’s the map. Think big – those stairs at the bottom of the map? Each step is 5 feet high. It’s big.

I’ll provide a printable PDF of all the castle maps up for download once the whole thing is complete.


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