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Friday Fight Night – Map

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Since Friday Fight Night just started and there’s no actual journal yet, it doesn’t make much sense for me to include a map from the game. I’ll start them next week, when the first journal is up. So instead of that, I went back to the notes from my old campaign (the game with Manbearpig, Wutang, et al) and dug out a map I never got a chance to use at the table.

The Doom That Came To Marsmere

In the rocky foothills of the mountains north of the Rise, by the banks of the great river that separates the grasslands of the south from the increasingly hostile scrub and desert of the north, sits Marsmere. Situated directly on the floodplain of the river, the village is a loose collection of wood and stone buildings standing on 10-foot-tall stilts. In the spring months the river breaks its banks and floods the village almost completely, with the waters regularly rising to 3- or 4-feet (though they have been known to rise much higher – hence the height of the stilts). When the waters rise, the residents throw wooden walkways between their roofs, and life goes on until the water recedes.


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The party had rested up in the Rise and, not quite knowing what to do next to continue with their quest, accepted a job to go and check on Marsmere, which hadn’t been heard from for over a week. (This was the session after part of the group encountered the infamous Joe). They set off north out of the mountains, and as night fell and the heavens opened they came across a signal tower lying in ruins – holes knocked into the walls, chunks of masonry littering the ground. The soldiers who had manned it were lying dead outside, bludgeoned and broken. As the group began to investigate the wreckage, the guards began returning to life and – of course – attacked the party.

The next session was intended to be the party arriving in the flooded Marsmere to find the town in a similar state to the tower. They would fight off waves of undead villagers before encountering a group of survivors who had fled to the roofs. Once there, they were to learn that recently nothing that died was staying dead (I know, I know) – and of a nearby ettin which had seemingly died and been reanimated in a furious rage, which it was taking out on Marsmere night after night.

I’ll admit I had just been to see the live action movie of Attack On Titan, and I was really looking forward to having an enormous undead ettin rain down destruction on the group while they dashed and jumped across the rooftops to fight it off.

Unfortunately that game fell apart shortly after the fight at the tower, for the usual kinds of reasons games fall apart, and we never got to play this session.

This map only shows the ground level of the village – stilts looming out of the water, the undersides of the buildings looming just overhead, and the raised patch of land that forms something of a village green serving as an island from which the party would have fought off the waves of undead villagers rising out of the water before heading to the rooftops.

From the roofs, the layout of the village is the same – simply add bridges as you see fit, and knock some holes in the buildings for additional challenges. Add zombies and an ettin, and you’ve got yourself an adventure.

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