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Friday Fight Night – Meet The Party

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I’ve been reading a lot of campaign journals online recently and really enjoying them (@Fokker69 pointed me towards this enormous journal, which has kept me busy for a while). I’ve always kept very detailed logs of my games – mainly because it’s rare that I have a group that meets more often than once a month, and if I didn’t keep a record of everything I’d have forgotten what was happening by the time the next game came around. I thought it might be fun to start sharing them as a campaign journal each week.

Now, there are a lot of campaign journals out there, and it’s hard to argue for why you should read this one over any of the others. So, as a little bonus, each week along with the campaign journal I’ll be posting a map from that session. So, even if you don’t care about the exploits of my group of murder hobos, you’ll still get a map you can use in your games. Sounds good? Good!

The journal itself will be starting next week. For now, here’s a quick introduction to our party. Or, if you just want the map, you can go straight to it.


Ha’an Drix, the 7-foot-tall, fire-breathing, dragonborn bard. His silver tongue very quickly resulted in him becoming the de facto leader of the party – though, when you meet the rest of them, you’ll see he was always destined for that role – though he’s as apt to thunderclap his way out of trouble as he is to talk his way out.


A half-orc with a drinking problem, Thorak had a brief run-in with the Cult of the Dragon along with his companion Alvin, before the world shifted and he found himself alone in a strange new land. Now he’s looking to find his friend again – although this new group of companions he’s met like drinking and killing things, so he’s not in too much of a rush. And if he ever gets lonely, he’s always got Simon – the severed, shrunken kobold skull he carries on his belt – to talk to.


Nobody knows if Wartsnall (warts n’ all) is his real name or just a weirdly fitting nickname – but nobody dares get close enough to ask. A 3-foot-high walking incubator for disease, Warts looks like he’d be sticky if you touched him. His success as a thief is probably due more to nobody wanting to touch him than to his actual ability.


Born to work the glassmines, P’Stan’s elders soon found that he was useless in almost every conceivable way, and promptly shipped him off the the nearby Home For The Criminally Inept to be forgotten about. While there P’Stan learned that arguments are won with fists, not words, and when he was old enough he set out into the world to do the one thing he had ever been good at – hitting things. At some point – he’s not sure when – he befriended a mouse, who he lovingly refers to as Mouse, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

That’s our cast. Check back next week for the first session, where we learn that falling down really sucks.

And, if you remember, I also promised a map each week. You can find that here.

[The awesome character minis in those photos were created on Hero Forge. I have a set on order, and I can’t wait to see them in the flesh. And, in the meantime, I’m working on having some actual character portraits illustrated.]

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