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Friday Fight Night – Pay Me What You Owe Me Map

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In my game this week I decided to use my Hrothgar’s Pass map. And, in printing it out, I realised how much of a pain it is to print a large image over multiple pages. Whenever I’ve printed poster maps in the past I’ve done it at print shops on one large sheet, rather than at home on multiple A4 sheets, so I’ve never had to deal with it.

With that in mind, and in an attempt to make my content more useful for you, I’ve decided to start providing my full-size poster maps as PDFs as well as images. I hope this makes it easier for you to print them out and use them at home. If there’s anything else I can do to make things more useful, please let me know in the comments!

I’m also considering writing the Temple of Leaves up as a full module, so if you’d be interested in that please leave a comment too.

The final level of the Temple of Leaves is the catacombs, where priests and the temple elders were buried. You can read more about the history of it and the reason for the presence of the spectator in this week’s Friday Fight Night.


[DM map. Click to embiggen]

A. This room is used to prepare the dead for burial. Expect to find embalming tools and fluids, incenses, powders and makeup, robes and other clothing, and books containing religious rituals and medical notes. One of the keys required to open the doors in B can be found here.

B. Two thick pillars support the roof here, while a pair of ornate stone doors carved with iconography of a forgotten god barr the way to C and the masters’ burial chamber beyond. These doors are sealed with an intricate clockwork lock that requires two specific disks (that act as keys) to open. Cog-like spaces are carved into the stone that these disks fit into.

C. An ornate corridor decorated with scenes from the mythology of this forgotten religion. Alcoves along the walls hold statues of strange beasts and creatures, the names of which are consigned to obscurity.

D. The masters’ burial chamber, where the elders of the temple were interred. Their tombs are long alcoves set into the walls, each sealed with clay tablets painted with gold leaf. A low well-like structure in the middle of the room is sealed with a thick stone disk carved with arcane runes. This well holds a Spectator. The runes on the stone disk will trigger if any of the tablets sealing the tombs are disturbed, shattering the disk, sealing the doors, and releasing the spectator.

E. The space inside this room is bare, but the walls are covered with small clay tablets. Breaking these tablets reveals cubbyholes in the walls that contain the belongings of those interred in the catacombs.

F. The catacombs contains rows of low, stone coffins. They are plain, carved only with names and the symbol of the deity that was worshipped here. They hold the remains of the priests who died while in service to the temple.

G. A separate burial chamber, more finely-appointed than the catacombs but not as ornate as the masters’ burial chamber. High-ranking clerics who passed before becoming elders are interred here.


[Full-size map with grid – PNG]


[Full-size map without grid – PNG]

If you would prefer these images as PDFs for home printing you can get them here (right-click to download).

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