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Friday Fight Night – Tarnswood Map

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Since there was no real dungeoning this week, I thought I’d instead draw up a map of Tarnswood, the town that has served as the party’s base for the past few weeks.

I know far more about Tarnswood than I actually need to. Whenever I build settlements, I always have the tendency to go into minute detail – it’s not uncommon for me to know the names and relationships of every single person who lives in a town of this size (for reference, the population of Tarnswood is 297, as of the last census). This is a level of detail very few people will ever need to delve into – I do it because it’s fun, and I rarely actually use the information in any tangible way in my games. If you’re like me, though, one very useful tool for getting started with this level of information is the Medieval Demographics tool at Welsh Piper.

I’m planning to write up more about Tarnswood in the near future, with a DMs Guild release in mind for it and the Temple of Leaves, along with a sizeable update to the Wheelhouse (which, as we now know, is located just outside Tarnswood).


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If you want a preview of what’s in store for the group next week, you can check out The Wheelhouse Prison on DMs Guild.

The Friday Fight Night journal that goes with this map is here.

If you’re interested in a Tarnswood/Temple of Leaves product for the DMs Guild, please let me know what you’d like to see in it in the comments!

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