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Friday Fight Night – Wheelhouse Prison Map

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This week’s Friday Fight Night saw the party taking on The Wheelhouse Prison. You may have noticed that it was also released quite late (I’m aiming to have the post up at 11am on Friday – it’s currently 6am on Saturday as I’m writing this). I’ve been swamped with work for my Masters which meant I really struggled to get the posts up on time this week and last week – and I work nights, which doesn’t help either.

Why am I telling you this? Because while I managed to get the journal done, I haven’t drawn a map. What I’m doing instead is making the maps from my DMs Guild release of The Wheelhouse available here. The book itself is also still Pay What You Want, so if you want to read more about Warden Barnes, Sureshank, and the mage who escaped from the party, you’ll find more information about them there.



Grey doors are portcullises, which are controlled by levers located in the second room from the right at the north side of the ground floor. The room immediately to the right of that contains a trapdoor concealing a ladder down to the basement.

The levers link up to a mass of machinery in the northern room on the right of the upper floor, which in turn is linked to the large central pillar of the Wheelhouse that is turned by the motion of the waterwheel.

Dashed lines are iron bars.

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