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Guest Post – 1d10 Unusual Guilds & Organisations

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I took this past week off so that I could focus on finishing my MA dissertation, hence the complete last of content since last Friday’s post. As of Monday we’ll be back to normal – and in the meantine, I’ve got some awesome content for you courtesy of DM Whipstache.

Here’s a table of guild and organisations for your world.

  1. Farmers & Ranchers United
  2. Cloth Dyers Guild
  3. Association of Food Preparation Professionals
  4. Stablehand Union
  5. Company of Professional Companions
  6. The Chandler Confederation [candlemakers]
  7. Activists for Orc Rights
  8. Organization of Spiritual Leaders of Unofficial Religions and Lesser-Known Deities
  9. Legal Aid Fund Benefitting Alchemists, Inventors, & Tinkerers
  10. Airship Workers Accord

You can find more of his work at www.whipstache.com. He’s also running a Twitter giveaway through the 24th, so head over there and give him a follow.

1 thought on “Guest Post – 1d10 Unusual Guilds & Organisations

  1. Glad to help out.

    I thought about adding a group from my campaign world called The Unification Project, but it’s more of a coalition of groups and didn’t really for the theme of the list.

    The Unification Project is an organization dedicated to, well, unifying all religions in the world into one with the hopes of eliminating interreligious conflict. The main reason they exist in my world is to aggravate the paladin in my group, but I can imagine there being some serious objections to their mission.

    So, I guess that’s a bonus 11th! 😁

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