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Loot The Room Post Schedule

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Update 27th April 2017: I’m in the process of updating the schedule to account for Friday Fight Night catching up with the real-life game, the start of my new series on building a campaign setting, and the changes to my workflow now that I’m running a Patreon campaign. I don’t have fancy new graphics yet because the schedule isn’t set in stone, but currently I’m trying to alternate Friday Fight Night and  the campaign setting articles. Things are in flux at the minute, though, so while I’ll still be posting three times a week, things might fall on different days to normal. I’ll do my best to bring some stability to the new schedule as soon as possible.


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I aim to update the site three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Mondays are for Monday Maps. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Every week you’ll get a new hand-drawn map, usually with some background and lore and as often as possible with a statted-out mini adventure for D&D 5e. I’ll be holding Twitter polls where you can decide the theme each week.

Wednesdays are Stat Boost days. This changes from week to week – it could be random tables, new character backgrounds, magic items, new monsters, or long-form articles to help you run better games. The one constant is the last Wednesday of every month, when it’s time for the Best of DMs Guild roundup.

Frida Fight Night is my ongoing campaign journal. My group are all new to D&D, and they’re hilarious. Tag along on their adventures – and get a bonus battle map from that week’s session.

[Last updated March 29th 2017]