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Lub’s Labyrinth

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Lub Fardreamer was a goblin mystic who was practically worshipped by her tribe, practically worshipped for her prodigious (for a goblin, at least) psionic abilities. She and her tribe constucted this labyrinth beneath their caves and used it to store their most valuable treasures. Lub knew that goblinkind often meet sharp, painful ends at the hands of bigger, smarter humanoid races, and she wanted to ensure that she would have somewhere to escape to that would confound the invaders who would almost inevitably come for her and the tribe.

Goblins, of course, are not renowned for their intelligence, even when they are famed mystics. Lub’s Labyrinth, for all its size, is trivially easy to solve, and when the adventurers came Lub found that her defences were simply not enough.


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The labyrinth has fallen into disrepair (not that it was ever very well maintained to begin with), and the roof and walls have begun to collapse in some sections. Where rubble is marked on the map, it rises to within a foot of the already-low 5′ ceiling. The statues that dot the corridors are effigies of Lub herself, and the central chamber holds a rusted iron chest that contains the treasures of the tribe.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting up a bonus post with a couple of random tables to help you populate this dungeon. In the mean time, assume that its corridors are full of tricksy goblin traps, and maybe the odd skeletal adventurer who has fallen prey to the place.

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