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#mapvember 1 – Beacon

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A hundred miles or so to the east of The Rise, the mountains turn briefly towards the north before meeting the ocean. Though the threat of an attack sweeping out of the northern deserts has faded now, the mountain forts that were built to safeguard against the hordes still stand. Most are ruined and forgotten, but some are still fully garrisoned.

The Beacon is one such fort. Built directly into a high mountain peak, and accessible only by a treacherous climb and a long trek across the sole bridge that spasms the chasm to the south, The Beacon would be the first to know of a mounting force heading south across the desert – and would be the first to warn the rest of the world.

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 I really enjoy doing side view maps, but one problem I always have with them is that they’re not really usable in-game. At some point I’m going to go back through all of the side elevations that I’ve drawn and map out floor plans for them, too. Stay tuned.

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