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#mapvember – 10. Elevator

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Revered as he is – as any living deity would be – the Anointed is as much as prisoner as anything else. Confined to his chambers above the basilica, he may only emerge on holy days and when duty demands it. At all other times he is sealed in the rooms above, with only his mute servers – slaves pulled from among the congregation at birth, a tithe to the church – as companions. No stairs or windows provide an exit from his suite – only the Elevator, which lowers him on his throne to the top of the dais below.

10-elevator[Click to embiggen]

I guess this is kind of a cheat, because the ‘elevator’ prompt isn’t really obvious when you look at the map. I’m going to spend some time mapping out the upper floor of the basilica as well, but I wanted to get this up ASAP (given it’s already 2 hours into Saturday here, and this was meant to be up on Friday. Oops).

I’m getting happier with the quality of the maps as far as actual scanning and cleaning up goes, though I’m still experimenting with ways to place a grid on the map that I’m happy with (you’ll notice there’s no grid on this one). It’s nice to see some improvement already, though, now that I’m a third of the way through the challenge.

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