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#mapvember – 16. Trapped

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Thieves Guilds are one of my least-favourite fantasy tropes (they’re a ridiculous concept. Don’t get me started on them). That said, they’re still a lot of fun to design. And when the prompt is ‘Trapped’, my mind immediately goes to a location full of traps – and, thus, to the classic Thieves Guild entrance.

As long as we’re going with a clichéd idea, we might as well also place the Guild in a sewer. The entrance is located on a ledge in a dead-end part of the sewer – two doors lead into the guild, while the other two open onto nothing but blank, damp wall.

All doors in this section of the guild are locked. All are trapped.

Once inside, potential recruits must navigate a labyrinth teeming with traps, before navigating the high, narrow pillars to cross the central chamber and reach the ledge high above the river of shit running across the ground far below. Once across that tunnel, another locked door leads into another sewer chasm, wider and deeper than the previous one and containing no pillars to aid crossing it.

For bonus hazards, stock this room with slimes and molds of your choice.

Then it’s onto the statue room, a devious puzzle I’m yet to invent that will eventually unlock the door to the long staircase that descends even deeper below the sewers.

Finally, a mock village deep beneath the city, packed with traps and enchanted constructs that constantly patrol the silent streets on the lookout for intruders. Invaders must make their way across the settlement, sticking to the shadows and keeping quiet and out of sight, before choosing the right door and making their way up to the guild proper.


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