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#mapvember – 25. Betrayal

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This one is late because I work nights and can’t sit and draw maps while I’m working, unfortunately. Better late than never though, right?

Our quest carried us deeper still beneath the mines, until we knew we had put the surface firmly behind – above? – us. It was hot down here, and growing hotter by the minute, and a strange glow had filled the corridors.

Then we rounded the bend in the path, and saw the lake of lava ahead of us. Our path clearly continued on the opposite side of the cavern – in between there was nothing but a thirty foot drop to a hot, melting death, and a handful of precarious-looking stone towers thrusting out of the lava.

I knew then that this was my chance. One slip, a small accident, and he would plunge to his death below. Finally I would be free of him for good.


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