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#mapvember – 28. Cure

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Though he does take in Glassport’s wayward strays and orphans, it’s debatable whether Mestr. Eaves actually cares and provides for them as well as he claims to. He runs a tight ship, with the meagre staff living in dormitories almost identical to those of his wards, forbidden to speak to anybody or to leave the grounds of the vast mansion which houses the Home for the Criminally Inept.

Though the place is opulently furnished and possessing of a number of libraries stocked with esoteric tomes claiming to give the key to power and betterment, the place stinks of pain and desperation. Mestr. Eaves believes that the harmful quirks of youth can be exorcised with the swift and forceful application of natural science (along with a hefty dose of magic, or so it is whispered). Those who have found a way out of the home alive speak in hushed tones of the purpose-built room in the middle of the grand hall on the ground floor – what Mestr. Eaves calls the treatment centre. It is not known what goes on in there, but it is assumed by many to be barbaric.


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