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#mapvember – 30. Ascension

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We chased the small goblin-like creatures across the rough countryside to their nest in the hills. The tunnels were sharp and claustrophobic, barely four feet high and narrowing to little more than a couple of feet wide in places. But we pushed through, hearing them vanish into the distance ahead but knowing they had nowhere to go – until we came to the dead-end chamber, and the mountain of their shit and scraps of uneaten food on the floor beneath a narrow chimney.

What now? Were we meant to ascend the thing while they poured shit down on us from above, while they chucked rocks down into our faces? A plan would have to be made, but in that moment we had no idea what it would be.



And that’s it – my final Mapvember map. I’m really happy I decided to take this challenge and see it through until the end, even if I did start (and finish) two weeks late. Some of the maps I’ve drawn these past 30 days haven’t been fantastic, I’ll admit, but I’ve seen myself improve very steadily – and I’ve made a few maps that I really like. I will probably go back and take some time to redraw them a little better, and flesh them out into actual adventures.

Thanks for following along with all of these. I’ve got plenty of great new content planned for this site, and I’ll be announcing a new post schedule tomorrow. Check back then to see what’s going to be coming your way in the future.

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