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Monday Map – Kalazar’s Labyrinth L1

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Though he has been dead for almost a millenium, Kalazar’s influence continues to taint the town of Furness that sits above his labyrinth. Crops die; food spoils; strange illnesses claim swathes of the population, then vanish without a trace. And yet people still come, drawn by the rumour of Kalazar’s great labyrinth and the secrets buried within it.

Kalazar himself is something of a mystery. A fanatic of Bracnu, a long dead god (who some argue was never a god at all – only a pretender, an aspirant, a fraud), the few of Kalazar’s writings that have been unearthed indicate that he was moved to dig in Furness after visions promised him power beyond measure to be found beneath the earth. Some scholars claim the design of the labyrinth is based on ancient runes of power linked intimately to Bracnu; others claim the twisting corridors, which grow more convuluted the deeper they go, are a manifestation of Kalazar’s waning sanity.

The first level is the most thoroughly explored, and as such is the safest. The summoning pool in the secret chamber at the center of the level is under almost constant scrutiny, studied day and night by scholars who hope to glean something of the lost magics Kalazr employed by examining one of his only benign remaining works.


[Kalazar’s Labyrinth – Small map]


[Full sized map with grid]


[Full sized without grid]

Kalazar’s Labyrinth – L1 – No Grid – PDF

Kalazar’s Labyrinth – L1 – Grid – PDF

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