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Monday Map – Coldstone Caverns

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The Coldstone Caverns honeycomb the cliffs to the far south-east of the continent, in one of the coldest regions known. They were carved over thousands of years by the slow grind of nature, and have been home to many creatures over the years. Though they are warmer than the harsh omni-blizzard outside, they are still mostly frozen over.

Those who have set foot here and managed to return to civilization tell tales of hauntingly beautiful structures of ice, caverns filled with delicate glassy spires, roofs of diamond-like clusters of ice crystals, and strange creatures frozen into serene statues.

At some point a strange sea god was worshipped here. Its statue stands in the entrance chamber, a writhing mass of slick tentacles and large, piercing eyes. Another shrine stands beside the never-freezing salt lake in the south-west portion of the caverns, in a chamber accessible only by traversing a narrow, frozen tunnel high up in the wall.


[Small DM’s map – click to embiggen]


[Full size map with grid – 1664 x 936 pixels]


[Full size map with grid – 1664 x 936 pixels]

Feel free to use these map in your games. If you would like to discuss using them for commercial purposes, please get in touch with me via the About page.

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