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Monday Map – Charken & Chain’s Counting House

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I asked for map prompts on Twitter, and one of the ideas I was given was a bank. I knew that I’d drawn one in the past, but it took me much longer than I would have liked to find it.

The reason for that was that, in my head, I was picturing a map that looks like the ones I draw now. I’d forgotten that not too long ago my maps really weren’t very good. It turns out the map I was looking for is an early Mapvember entry, and it’s awful.

Really awful.

The idea behind it was solid, though, so I decided to redraw it. And, since I was ahead of schedule for once, I decided to go one further and produce a one page adventure to go with it. Well, sort of. it’s mainly the flavour text from when I posted the original map, with some editing and a bit of tweaking. There are no stats or CRs or anything – if you want to run this, you’ll have to figure that stuff out yourself – but hey, at least it looks good.

I think we can all agree that looks much better than the original, can’t we?

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