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Monday Map – Collaborative Dungeon Project

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This weekend I decided to start a collaborative dungeon project with my patrons (very much influenced by Elven Tower’s recent project). I can’t tell you any more about it at this point because I don’t really know much more about it, frankly. It’s still very early days, after all.

Still, I’ll give you the map that we’re going to be using. This was generated using the random dungeon generation tools in the DMG (with some decisions about room size made when I started running out of space on the page and couldn’t fit in, say, a 60′ diameter octagon). I have absolutely no story to go with it, and you’ll just have to be OK with that.

If you end up using this for something I’d love to hear what you decided it was, and I’m excited to see what my patrons come up with. I’ll keep you updated.

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