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Monday Map – Concord

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This month my Patreon campaign hit $100 in funding, which is incredible. As a reward for hitting that goal I promised that, in every month that starts above that level of funding, I’ll release a free mini adventure. So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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It isn’t out yet – I’ll be releasing it for free on DMs Guild on July 1st – but in case it isn’t obvious, it involves land sharks. And yes, that’s plural land sharks. For today’s map I wanted to share one of the maps I’ve drawn for this adventure. This is the area surrounding Concord, the village where the adventure takes place, marked with the spots where the two known bulette attacks have occurred when the players first arrive in the village.

Patrons at the $5 tier or higher can download a version without labels, and – should you want it – greyscale versions with and without labels.

This month’s funding level is a one-off, for now. One patron was incredibly generous and pledged enough to take us over the $100 goal that unlocks these free adventures. If you’d like to see me release one of these every month, please consider pledging $1 a month towards making that possible! I’ll talk more about Bulette Storm next week, when I’m a little closer to releasing it.

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