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Monday Map – Hall of Whispering Gods [Redux]

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I’ve been seriously busy this week and haven’t had much chance to work any Loot The Room/DMs Guild stuff; I’m due to present my MA research project in a little over a week, so that’s taken up rather a lot of my time. Rather than come up with something new, I thought it might be wise to go back and redraw one of my old maps. So that’s what I did.

The Hall of Whispering Gods was one of the first maps I posted to this site, back in August 2015. It wasn’t very good, frankly. So here it is again, but better.

[No grid – click to embiggen]

[Gridded. 1 square = 5 feet]

Here’s what I wrote about this map the last time I drew it;

The Hall of Whispering Gods serves as the last test for initiates wishing to gain access to the mysteries of the Ancients. The long, narrow corridor is lined with statues of the Ancients embedded in the stone of the walls themselves. Each statue whispers unholy secrets to those who pass, testing their will and their sanity and leaving them either dead or wise beyond belief.

Their long walk is observed by Elders and tutors from the balcony rooms set to either side of the hallway. Their discussions are not for the ears of the initiates, but their judgement will be cast down in the ritual chamber that lies at the end of the walk. There initiates will either be welcomed in to the fold, or else sacrificed to the Ancients to atone for their unworthiness.

I intended to turn this into another one page dungeon, but – as I said – time has been an issue. I’ll add it to my list, along with redrawing those Mapvember maps people voted on. I haven’t forgotten about that.

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