Monday Map – Hex Geomorph

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I’ve struggled a lot this past week to find ideas for things – Stat Boost was a struggle, my game this weekend took much longer to put together than it usually would, and this map is almost a full day late because I simply drew a blank.

In a bid for inspiration, I started looking through some of my favourite maps by other artists. In the process of doing so, I realised that I’ve amassed a huge collection of geomorph tile sets, but have never actually tried to draw my own.

I think the first time I encountered dungeon geomorphs was probably through Dyson’s post about them – a post which is worth checking it, because it contains both Dyson’s incredible maps and links to a few other excellent collections.

One thing that struck me is that most of these dungeon geomorph sets are square – people have produced hex sets for overland mapping, but rarely for dungeons. In a bid to provide something a little different to the work that others have already done, I’m going to go ahead and try to build a set of dungeon geomorphs on hexes. We’ll see how it goes.

Now, you’ll notice that most people who produce geomorphs do sets of them that connect together – of course they do, because that’s the point of them. But this post is incredibly late already, and I didn’t want to delay it even further by drawing multiple maps. So this is just one map for the time being – a proof of concept, if you will – and in Wednesday’s Stat Boost I’ll post a set of six of them.

This is probably going to become an ongoing project for when I don’t have something really cool in mind that requires a unique map; when I do post more of them, I’ll endeavour to provide more than just one geomorph.

So, with that over, here’s the map. As always, click to embiggen.


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