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Monday Map – Railside Tavern

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You may well have noticed that this map is rather late. There’s a long story there, but the short of it is that my site was hacked and it took my a while to get access back. It’s sorted now, though, and there’s no damage done, so let’s move on.

I’ve had westerns on the brain lately, so I decided to draw a railside tavern. Right on the edges of frontier territory, this is a small, shabbily-constructed building that is nevertheless well appointed inside. The private bar in the west room is reserved for the prospectors and rail tycoons who come through here regularly; the main saloon is for the rest of the rabble.

Out where the long arm of the law doesn’t quite reach, there’s always a danger of banditry. That’s why the landlord built a trapdoor into the floor behind the bar that will drop him to the ground beneath the raised foundation of the building and allow him to make a quick getaway should things go south.

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