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“I saw a dragon in the flesh, once. Many, many years ago, that, long before you or anyone you know was born. It was huge, a monster, a nightmare made flesh – but it was nothing compared to those bones.

Who fought you? Who slaid you? Only time knows. Only time cares. I certainly don’t. All I care about are the tools they used to do it. What great magics could slay a dragon this size? And, more importantly – where can I find them?”

-Barnum Rekel, collector of curiosities magical and mundane


[Click for bigger – 1730 x 1066 px]

As you might have noticed with the Tarnswood map I posted last week, I’ve been trying out different styles. This one was heavily inspired by the work of Mr Stephen Joy, who I’m a big fan of. I’m happy with this map, but it’s nowhere near as good as his work, and you should definitely go check him out and consider becoming one of his Patrons.

I had an issue exporting this map at full size – it’s simply too big for my PC to handle. The largest I could get it to was 6228 x 3980 px, which is 36% of the original size. So, no to-scale 1 inch grid today, unfortunately, but you’re still welcome to the larger map if you’d like it.


[This is the bigger map. There any many like it, but this one is this one]

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