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Monday Map – The Stuttering Mule

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I’ve been slowly working on detailing Tarnswood and the area surrounding it, with the intention of it forming my next DMs Guild release. It’s almost done, and in anticipation of its release later in February I thought I’d share a sneak peek.

This is The Stuttering Mule, one of the two taverns in Tarnswood. Run by Jaxson Jay, a former adventurer who retired to Tarnswood after coming too close to death one too many times. A bard of some renown, if you catch him in the right mood he might spin you a tale or two of his life on the road – but he’s more likely to direct you upstairs, where bards, troubadors, and travelling companies of players regularly perform on the Mule’s large stage.

That’s not why the locals spend so much time in the Mule, though. Instead they’re drawn to the Knuckles table where they are happy to spend all night throwing the bones and gambling whatever they happen to have on hand. The table is overseen by Steth Goldblane, one of Jaxson’s adventuring companions, and his eye for cheaters is as sharp as his blades.

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The Stuttering Mule – Full scale – 1 inch grid – PDF

Adventure Seeds: Tarnswood will contain details of every building in Tarnswood, the history of the town, details of notable NPCs, places of interest and danger, and a full adventure set in a redesigned Temple of Leaves, along with new monsters, magic weapons, and backgrounds for those adventurers who hail from Tarnswood. It will be available on DMs Guild in mid-February.

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