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Monday Map – TSR 9259 The Jade Hare

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I spent a long time trying to decide on something to draw for today’s map, and kept coming up blank. Eventually I decided to spend some time going through my collection of old modules, and I unearthed something that I’m honestly not sure how I came to own.

In 1992 TSR published a very short module – only 8 pages long, and filled with more illustrations that text – that was given away for free with purchases from the TSR Mail Order Hobby Shop. That module was 9259 – The Jade Hare. It was only produced in a very small edition – I believe there was only one print run – and as far as I know was simply an attempt by TSR to support their trademark application for “Dragon Master”.

It’s a very short adventure – and, like I said, I don’t quite know how I came to have a physical copy of it – but I’m quite fond of it. It’s D&D distilled down to its essence – a mad warlock, a mysterious object to ‘recover’ (read: steal) from him, and a dungeon full of enemies to fight through.

Due to the fact that WoTC have made this adventure available via DMs Guild, I’m not going to provide any information about what the dungeon itself contains. You’re free to use this map in your own games, and stock it as you see fit – or you can pay the $1.99 being asked for it and see what surprises the original adventure held.

[Click to embiggen – PNG with 1-inch grid]

[Embiggensie – PNG, no grid]


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2 thoughts on “Monday Map – TSR 9259 The Jade Hare

  1. Just wanted to thank your for the hard work on The Jade Hare map. I was looking for a *short* adventure set in a desert to run at WinterCon 2018 here in Detroit. I’m using Savage Worlds as the rules. I usually eschew maps in favor of theatre of the mind, but this map is quite excellent.

    I’m not a Mystara fan, so I am transposing the adventure to Greyhawk.

    Thanks again!

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