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Portfolio & Rates

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All maps are hand-drawn; colour is applied digitally. You will receive a  300 DPI file of each map in .PNG format, and a printable PDF of each map at full battlemap scale (i.e. 1-inch squares). I am also happy to provide maps to fit A4 or Letter paper sizes at no additional cost.

Currently the largest maps I can produce are 8×12 inches (i.e. a sheet of A4 paper) for the initial drawing. I am open to discussing larger projects, with the proviso that the extra work required in piecing together multiple scanned pages into a cohesive image will result in a higher rate than for a single page map.

My rates include the right for you to use the map in one digitally published commercial product (e.g. a PDF for sale on DMs Guild or DriveThruRPG). Commissioned maps can not be sold on their own. For rates related to other projects such as physically printed game manuals etc., please contact me directly.

For all enquiries, contact me via email and we can begin discussing your next project!