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Stat Boost – 10 New Trinkets

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I’m still spending a lot of my time digging through boxes of my old notes and maps. Last week I came across a folder full of notes that dates back to sometime between 1996-’98. Given the success of Trinkets, and how I’d assumed my obsession with bits of fantasy tat was a relatively new thing, imagine my surprise when I found this:

That’s a list of trinkets. Well, ‘Interesting Treasures’, but they’re very clearly trinkets. So it seems I was thinking about this kind of stuff 20 years ago, too. (It also seems my handwriting was actually legibile then, but we won’t get into that.)

So today you get that list, along with one new trinket I just made up so that I can round this out to a nice d10 table. If you want more of these, don’t forget you can buy my bestselling book of 100 Trinkets for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

1d10 Interesting Treasures
1 A book entitled “The Habitat and Mating Habits of the Common Basilisk” permanently held open to page 32 by a petrified human hand.
2 A marble chess set haunted by its former owner.
3 A detailed colour map of the local area, marked with several previously unknown ruins.
4 A stack of 20 platinum pieces rest on the desk, affixed to each other and to the desk’s surface with sovereign glue.
5 A potion of create water that, when poured out, creates an equal volume of water.
6 An invisible ring of invisibility.
7 A faulty throwing axe of returning that, when thrown, returns immediately to the hand before being able to strike anything.
8 A portrait of one of the party members.
9 A delicate glass sword.
10 A thimble-sized ivory pot sealed with wax, containing thick black ink.



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