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Stat Boost: 1d10 Loot Storage Devices

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You may have noticed a small addition to the sidebar. I’m incredibly proud to say that Loot The Room has been nominated for an ENnie Award in the category of Best Blog. I’m among excellent company, and I don’t expect for a second that I’ll win (and since there’s no way I can afford the flight and hotel required to go to Gen Con, that’s probably for the best!) but it’s very much a dream come true to be nominated. This plus the reception that Bulette Storm has had over the past 24 hours have made me very happy indeed.

Speaking of Bulette Storm – late last night I updated it on DMs Guild. The creator of Trash Mob Minis – whose work I have been a fan of for quite some time now – reached out to me and offered  an exclusive bulette calf printable mini to bundle up with the adventure. There was absolutely no way I could say no to that! Go and get the update and print yourself off the cutest, meanest bulette calf you’ve ever seen – then go check out the other Trash Mobs packs, because they’re brilliant.

Today’s Stat Boost is a random roll table for interesting and unusual treasure recepticles. They’re designed to be both valuable as loot in their own right, and to provide hooks for future adventures. Enjoy.

1d10 Loot Storage Device
1 This beautifully filigreed hen’s egg contains something that grinds audibly when shaken, but there is no way to know what it is without breaking the already valuable egg.
2 This clockwork hand is clenched tight around an object of great importance. It needs to be wound to be opened, but the key is missing.
3 This small scrimshaw box is encrusted with barnacles and cold to the touch. A secret panel on the back side hides a well-oiled sheet of vellum bearing an unusual map.
4 When true giants roamed the land, this rolling meadow was not a meadow at all, but a chest. The bluff you stand on now is a hinge – but how are you to open the lid?
5 The deep well on the edge of the forest is rumoured to overflow with gold once a generation, when the sun and the moon reflect in its waters at the same time.
6 This perfectly smooth black cube of unknown material doesn’t have any visible seams or openings. It opens to those who know the right way to twist it.
7 This well-preserved half orc’s head still looks as fresh as it did when it was severed from its body. The top portion of the skull has been sawn away and reattached with a heavy brass hinge.
8 The hollow pieces of this chess set are filled with a fine red powder of incredible value.
9  The interior of this keg of is divided into two uneven sections. The top third holds a hoppy, but ultimately bland, pale ale. The dry lower section contains something vastly different.
10  This delicate rosewood box contains two heavy bronze discs. One is hollow; the slim coins hidden beneath the cap are carved with images that point the way to a source of great power.

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