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Stat Boost: 1d12 Strange Locations

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1d12 Strange Locations
1  This petrified forest is known locally as The Bonewood. Nothing grows there, and nothing lives there. All that remain are the bone-like trunks of the trees that still stand, the only evidence of some long-forgotten forgotten catastrophe.
2  This farmhouse stands abandoned and decrepit. The fields behind it have been blasted into a massive crater and littered with shards of jagged, gleaming glass.

A colossal silver tree stands alone in a field of strange grey flowers. White fruit grows on it, the flesh of which is said to grant immortality to those bold enough to brave the heights and pick it.

Edit: One of my patrons pointed out that this is very similar to the Gulthias Tree from The Sunless CitadelWith that in mind, here’s a bonus entry:

The walls of this ballroom are lined floor-to-ceiling with mirrors that reflect everything as it will look thirty seconds in the future.

4 Up in the high places where the air grows thin, a ring of crimson crystals floats unaided above a deep shaft in the mountainside.
5 A mile out from the harbour, the wreck of an old fishing boat is pierced by a jagged spire of rock that rises a hundred feet into the air above the ocean.
6 A dry river bed cuts across the desert, forty feet deep and a mile wide. At the bottom, beneath the white sand, colossal bones lie in neat lines.
7 Deep in the forest sits a low brick building. It has no windows or doors, and is wrapped several times in heavy chains that weave in and out of small holes in the masonry.
8 High on the heath stands a circle of broken obsidian stones that tower above the tallest man. On cold nights the sky flickers with green flame, and the stones hum gently to themselves.
9 The cliffside here has been polished smooth. When the moonlight hits it, strange runes seem to crawl across its surface.
10 On a dry islet in the depths of the swamp, damp stone stairs plunge into the ground. It is unnaturally warm here, and the heat only grows as you descend.
11 In the lower basement of the royal library, a wrought iron cage the size of a small room contains seemingly empty tomes that are individually chained to their shelves.
12 On this mile-high glacier stands a massive onyx cube, half of it frozen beneath the ice. Its surface is carved with strange twisting sigils that are yet to be deciphered.

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