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Stat Boost: 1d12 Wearables

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I asked for ideas for this week’s Stat Boost on Twitter, and @veryoldhabits suggested “a list of enchanted wearables that get overlooked a lot”. I was happy to oblige. Enjoy.


1d12 This…
1 …plain anklet is made from white gold. While wearing it, you have excellent balance and are unable to be tripped.
2 …choker is a solid band of onyx. It grows cold when the wearer is being lied to.
3 …nose ring is set with a strange purple stone, and allows the wearer to identify the presence of poison by scent.
4 …monocle shimmers with a strange blue glow. While wearing it you are able to read written text and symbols as though they were written in your native tongue.
5 …iridescent head scarf is as tough as steel, and functions as a helmet.
6 …pocket handkerchief flutters gently in breezes that aren’t there. When thrown in the air it always lands at the base of the nearest door, whether that door is visible or not.
7 …bracelet is a chain of individual letters and symbols cast in bronze. When fastened they form a charm that makes the wearer resistant to physical harm.
8 …belt is made of a strangely dull grey material. When straightened out it snaps into place, functioning as an immovable rod.
9 …set of bangles are made of bone and painted in bright primary colours. They can be linked together to form an unbreakable chain.
10 …pair of teardrop-shaped glass earrings each contain a small amount of blood. Smashing the earrings and spilled the blood ignites a fire hot enough to melt steel.
11 …pair of delicate lace gloves extend past the wearer’s elbows. They are made from spider silk, and allow the wearer to grip incredibly smooth surfaces with ease.
12 …pair of earplugs are made of bone, and grant the wearer tremorsense.

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