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Stat Boost: 1d20 Tables

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I don’t have enough material for a campaign setting post this week, so instead I’m bringing you an extra Stat Boost. I’ve been wanting to write a table of tables for a while, so hopefully you like it!

All being well I’ll be back on the campaign setting next week, but if not I’ll probably do another extra Stat Boost.

1d20 Tables
1 This ironwood table appears to have been carved from the trunk of one enormous tree. The twisted legs sprout from underneath the top of the table like branches. The surface is carved with flowing vines and leaves that have been worn almost smooth by time. 11 This table is formed out of the bodies of an elven man and woman who were forced to form the shape of the table before being petrified. Their faces are twisted in eternal screams, and lashes marr their backs.
2 This portable writing desk is surprisingly heavy. On inspection, it appears to fold out to become much bigger than appears to be possible, so that it can act as a more stationary desk. 12 This table is carved from a tree that was home to a dryad, once upon a time. The writing pad is lined with grass that never dies, and sways gently in an unfelt breeze.
3 This tall card table is lined with dark felt. The surface is divided into nine panels by strips of black silk and decorated with a silk valance that hangs from the edges. One of the ‘panels’ on the surface is actually a hole with a black silk bag beneath it. 13 This table is a mimic.
4 This table appears to be a normal mahogany desk, but it is filled with secret drawers and concealed compartments. Even the surface is made up of multiple hidden panels that lift or slide away to reveal multiple secret spaces. 14 The reflections in the top of this table can be used to scry on anybody reading a letter that was penned on its surface.
5 This imposing desk doubles as a to-scale miniature model of the city that it stands in. 15 The top of this enormous banquet table is made from headstones taken from the cemetery that used to stand on the site where this manor house was built.
6 The legs of this writing desk fold up into grooves carved in the bottom. The top is hinged, lifting away to reveal a shallow compartment that can be locked. A curved handle on one of the long sides of the table allows it to be carried like a briefcase. 16 This low coffee table is a taxidermied and varnished tortoise.
7 The gems set in the border of this old table glow constantly with almost imperceptible light which changes colour and grows stronger to reflect threats to the table’s owner. 17 This worn pub table contains a regularly-update map of the wilderness surrounding the town, created and maintained by local adventurers and hunters.
8 This silvered desk contains no drawers or compartments. A small mirror stands on its surface. When paper is placed in front of it, anything written on the sheet appears only in the reflection, and can only be read if the same sheet sits in front of the mirror. 18 This glass table contains a twisted series of delicate glass tubes that pulse and flow with a dark liquid. A tap on one leg allows you to dispense the liquid into tall glasses that sit on the table’s surface. The effects of drinking the liquid are unknown to you.
9 This desk looks perfectly ordinary, but the space in the footwell is a small pocket dimension that can be used to hide one humanoid creature. 19 The stains on this table shift and twist constantly, always imitating the clouds over the place where the table currently stands.
10 This desk appears to be the chest of a travelling alchemist. Opening the lid and the side panels causes it to grow into a normal-sized alchemy lab table. 20 The surface of this table is etched into twenty columns, each of which is divided into one hundred rows. In tiny script, each cell contains the description of an item of strange power.

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