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Stat Boost: 1d8 More Loot Storage Devices

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Sometimes, the real treasure is the box itself, not the things inside it.

  1. This chest is actually the hollowed-out dead body of a mimic, somehow trapped in its object form.
  2. The sides and base of this ornately decorated chalice are hollow, designed to hold a second liquid that can be dispensed only if you know the right way to hold it.
  3. Carefully examination of this otherwise-ordinary tree reveals a carefully disguised set of hinges that allow the front of the trunk to swing open and grant access to the hollowed-out space within.
  4. These perfectly smooth glass balls contain small treasures recovered from the bottom of a vast ocean. Legend has it that they will turn to dust if exposed to air.
  5. This pocket-sized book is filled with paper stamps carefully glues to the pages. When removed from the book, the stamps become the objects depicted on them.
  6. This 50-foot length of hempen rope conceals multiple lengths of gold wire threaded through its middle.
  7. This long black cloak contains twenty small pockets in the inner lining. Each pocket has an interior space bigger than its outside dimensions. Each pocket has a 6-inch wide opening and can hold items up to 3 feet in length, not exceeding 4 cubic feet or 50 pounds.
  8. These delicate glass bulbs can be opened – if you’re gentle, and know the trick – and used to hold small amounts of powders or liquids.

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