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Stat Boost: 8 Adventure Hooks

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We’re going back to basics today. You’ve got a session tonight and you have no idea what the party are going to do. You can’t bear for another 4 hours of them pretending to drink and get into bar fights, and they went shopping last week. What do you do?


You grab one of these adventure hooks, and you just start making shit up. That’s what you do.


1d10 Adventure Hooks
1 As you settle down in the tavern to listen to the local bard, you realise that the tale he is telling seems oddly familiar. On your way here you passed two low, flat stones sitting in the middle of a field with no apparent purpose. The bard sings a song that tells of the runes carved around the base of each stone, and the door that will open between them if the right price is paid. Beyond the door is a maze of mist with a source of great power lying at the centre, for those brave enough to find teir way there.
2 Recently the nights have been disturbed by sheets of silent lightning flashing across the skies. Rumour has it that the lights herald the arrival of a powerful creature from far beyond space and time who has journeyed to this land to erect a new kingdom for itself. It must be stopped at all costs.
3 The locals seem excited, and you learn that there will soon be a delivery of ‘special’ meat of dubious origins. It comes once every few months, and the days following its arrival are always filled with feasting, festivity, and unspeakable horror.
4 The baron has arrived with what seems like his entire army, intent on evicting the people and flattening the entire village to make way for an artificial river that will run right to the Capital. Will you help defend the town, or throw in your lot with the baron and his deep pockets?
5 The creatures in the mountains have been known as The Scourge for generations. These days they are treated as little more than fairy tales used to terrify children into obedience, but now they are descending once more from the high places. What has driven them from their ancient homes, and how can they be forced to retreat from civilisation again before it is too late?
6 A drought is ravishing the countryside. A local mystic asks the party to guard him as he dowses for water, not knowing that he is about to lead them right to the source of the troubles.
7 At a construction site, work is halted as the workers uncover a huge nest of stirges at the entrance to a previously undiscovered network of tunnels. Several workers died when the nest was initially disturbed, and now nobody will return to the site until the stirges are dealt with and the tunnels are cleared of any further danger.
8 An enormous white tower has stood in the middle of town for generations, and nobody has ever discovered a way in. Over the past few years the mayor has been funding a massive excavation, revealing that the tower descends for hundreds of feet into the earth. Now, at long last, a door has been uncovered, and the mayor needs somebody to enter the tower and deal with any dangers that might be lurking within.

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